Encouraging a flight attendant’s natural talents built employee engagement

Rapping flight attendant David Holmes is a shining example of promoting employee engagement

The idea has become a hallmark of Southwest’s reputation and brand, and not only sounds nice in theory but it turns out it’s good in practice too.

Too often businesses desperate to find the ‘holy grail’ of employee engagement look for fixes, schemes, models. These miss the whole point. Engaging anyone especially your employees is all about …(are you ready for it?..because it’s not rocket science)… ‘valuing them’ and what’s important or interesting to them.

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The Q12 – the largest organisational survey on employee engagement boiled down  ‘testing’ how engaged a workplace is to just 12 questions.  Most of these are simply different ways to ask if an employee ‘feels’ valued.

Valuing someone is an emotional intelligence skill



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