Seven smart ways to help out your exhausted employees

Simple, effective ways to give your tired employees a hand.

Smart ways to help out your exhausted employees

Today’s employees often have heavier individual workloads than ever in the wake of routine budget cuts. Home life has gotten more challenging as well. As a manager or business owner, you shouldn’t ignore the exhaustion your workers likely feel as a result, or you could face a significant decline in productivity and an increase in office conflict. The good news is that there are some simple, effective ways to give your tired employees a hand: The good news is that there are ways to help your exhausted employees:

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What exactly is Emotional Intelligence and why do we need it?

A Broad Definition of EI

Emotional intelligence is a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviours, moods, and impulses.

After self-awareness, one needs self-control.

Typically, EI involves:
•showing empathy
•attending to and identifying one’s emotions
•recognizing of the emotions of others accurately
•managing your control over emotions
•responding with appropriate emotions and behaviors in various life situations
•balancing honest expression of emotions against courtesy, consideration, and respect (ie, showing good social and communication skills).

Emotional Intelligence EI

Emotion is a signal of information. As such, emotion is an opportunity to seize that signal and forge a better relationship. Nature gives us energy with emotion. It is the fuel we need to act. When we walk in the woods and see a snake, fear grips us and chemicals are released. The chemicals give us the energy we need to respond—hopefully appropriately.
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12 Habits You Should Break

Some Habits you should break

The modern world is fast paced and time often seems to slip by with us barely noticing. It’s for that reason that it’s important that we don’t spend time or attention on things that are frivolous, negative or just plain stupid. Check out our guide to things you shouldn’t be wasting your time on, and see if there’s anything on this guide that you can cut out of your life.
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Listen to this: Developing your listening skills.

Developing your listening skills

Most people have heard the phrase ‘Listening Skills’. And most people would assume this means being able to listen well to people. But let’s put aside, just for a moment, what we think we know about listening skills. The little discussed fact is, that the first most important aspect of listening is in fact the ‘ability to listen to ourselves’.

In fact it’s only really possible to listen to another person once we get ‘over’ or ‘around’ ourselves.  Coaches and Therapists must learn this to work well. It’s an art. The more clearly we are aware of the ‘little voice’ at the back of our minds, the better. You know the one; that niggling feeling that may have a quiet voice saying.. “you‘ve forgotten something” just as you leave the house or that ‘pang’ of guilt we cover up when we know we should face up to something and may well pay for it later. Or that little voice when you’re listening to someone that says “I don’t believe what you’re saying”. You may not know it but as soon as you start to think something – especially if it’s negative, we show it in our body language and on our faces. The other person may well feel and see it. And what do you think happens to the trust levels at that moment?
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