What is the recipe for LOVE?

Emotional Intelligence EI

It is said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And women are said to crave chocolate in place of ‘other things’. So, what is the recipe for LOVE?

Valentine’s day is just one day a year and on this day above others we’re supposed to show we care.

Ok to some it’s shameless commercialisation but to others it’s a reminder that perhaps they could show their loved one a little more tender loving care – to re-connect on this day.

Whatever your situation these handy TIPS can help put LOVE on the menu every day of the year.
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Listen to this: Developing your listening skills.

Developing your listening skills

Most people have heard the phrase ‘Listening Skills’. And most people would assume this means being able to listen well to people. But let’s put aside, just for a moment, what we think we know about listening skills. The little discussed fact is, that the first most important aspect of listening is in fact the ‘ability to listen to ourselves’.

In fact it’s only really possible to listen to another person once we get ‘over’ or ‘around’ ourselves.  Coaches and Therapists must learn this to work well. It’s an art. The more clearly we are aware of the ‘little voice’ at the back of our minds, the better. You know the one; that niggling feeling that may have a quiet voice saying.. “you‘ve forgotten something” just as you leave the house or that ‘pang’ of guilt we cover up when we know we should face up to something and may well pay for it later. Or that little voice when you’re listening to someone that says “I don’t believe what you’re saying”. You may not know it but as soon as you start to think something – especially if it’s negative, we show it in our body language and on our faces. The other person may well feel and see it. And what do you think happens to the trust levels at that moment?
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