Is self awareness the key to all successful relationships?

Self Awareness

Who am I? To answer this, we must first learn to become more aware of ourselves. To be aware, we need to step outside ourselves and objectively watch ourselves in action. We live most of our lives by habit. These habits keep us stuck in self-limiting patterns. Once we identify these unconscious patterns, we then have the choice to change them.
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Some great reasons to make a personal mission statement

personal mission statement

If a lack of clarity prevents you from taking action, then find or develop a process to gain sufficient clarity to enable you to take action. Stop acting like this is an unsolvable problem. It isn’t.
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Company culture and the key to greater employee engagement.

company culture and employee engagement

Does a company culture of good health lead to greater employee engagement?

Yes argues the Consumer Health Mindset analysis, who found employees who work in strong cultures of health were more likely to say they have control over their health and are less likely to report stress having a negative impact on work than their counterparts.
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The power of perseverance

The power of perseverance

This week’s tips have been inspired by the Winter Olympics and a gentle reminder of the power of perseverance

What strikes me most about watching the Olympic athletes is their resilience. They may stumble and fall, but they get back up and keep going! Such is their commitment and drive – and so should we!

the power of perseverance: merril and davis ice dances

Success takes time. It took ice dance gold medal winners Meryl Davis and Charlie White 17 years to win Olympic Gold. Be patient with the process. Be patient with life.
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Seven smart ways to help out your exhausted employees

Simple, effective ways to give your tired employees a hand.

Smart ways to help out your exhausted employees

Today’s employees often have heavier individual workloads than ever in the wake of routine budget cuts. Home life has gotten more challenging as well. As a manager or business owner, you shouldn’t ignore the exhaustion your workers likely feel as a result, or you could face a significant decline in productivity and an increase in office conflict. The good news is that there are some simple, effective ways to give your tired employees a hand: The good news is that there are ways to help your exhausted employees:

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The 9 toughest leadership roles

So which leadership role requires the greatest skill and imposes the greatest burdens?

Leadership - 9 toughest leadership roles takes a look across the worlds of education, business, media, politics, religion and non-profits, to asses which are the toughest leadership roles. Whilst assessing the notion it gradually became clear to the appointed exec (who has dabbled in all the above for over 30 years) that leaders who flourish in one realm may fizzle or even fail spectacularly in another one.
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Leadership skills: What makes a good leader?

What are the attributes or characteristics that all good leaders possess?

Make a list of the 5 leaders you most admire. They can be from business, politics, social media, technology, the sciences, any field. Now ask yourself why you admire them. The chances are high that your admiration is based on more than their accomplishments, impressive as those may be. I’ll bet that everyone on your list reaches you on an emotional level.

Wheel of emtions EQ

This ability to reach people in a way that transcends the intellectual and rational is the mark of a great leader. They all have it. They inspire us. It’s a simple as that. And when we’re inspired we tap into our best selves and deliver amazing work.
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What is the recipe for LOVE?

Emotional Intelligence EI

It is said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And women are said to crave chocolate in place of ‘other things’. So, what is the recipe for LOVE?

Valentine’s day is just one day a year and on this day above others we’re supposed to show we care.

Ok to some it’s shameless commercialisation but to others it’s a reminder that perhaps they could show their loved one a little more tender loving care – to re-connect on this day.

Whatever your situation these handy TIPS can help put LOVE on the menu every day of the year.
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How To Develop Good Daily Habits

As tempting as it is to try and change more than one habit at a time to reach your goals more quickly, the opposite is true. Doing poorly with one habit will have a domino effect on the habits you’re doing well with. The house of cards will topple over and the level of discouragement you’ll feel will make it that much harder to get back on your feet.
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